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    We are Nebraskans dedicated to protecting and maintaining our freedoms from government overreach. 

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  • Allie French
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  • Angie M.
    I sent a second email to all senators to call for a special session regarding vaccine mandates. My first email that I sent a few weeks ago was very direct, and the one I sent today I simply tried to write from the heart in order to compel:

    Good morning,

    It looks like we are in for beautiful fall weather again today. I am planning to go for a stroll as it appears these gorgeous days are numbered!

    I want to thank you for serving the great people of Nebraska. I am sure most days it is a thankles...  more
  • Debbie
    New to this group, was encouraged to look into it by my state Senator, I was given my vaccine mandate at work today with the exemption forms we can complete, and the are BS
  • Allie French
  • JennLR
    Testing testing... is this platform working?
  • Allie French
  • Allie French
  • Allie French
  • Elina Newman
    So, now I guess we be succumbed to this … where you can report unvaxxed friends and family members for a chance to win money.