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  • If you have found your way here, then you are likely already familiar with the initiatives of candidate for governor, Michael Connely. Those who wish to be part of this plan to "Restore the Good Life" in Nebraska may email me with the best way to contact them and let them know when these initiatives will be arriving in their county for the signatures that are needed.

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  • Jennifer Hicks
    All future communications regarding Restore the Good Life events will be posted on
  • Jennifer Hicks
    How Michael Connely’s “Restore the Good Life” Plan Restores Your Voice in Government

    The sad fact is that it isn’t only our media outlets who have stripped us of our freedom by suppressing our voices. Many in our government have done so as well. It seems not to matter anymore whether an elected politician has an “R” next to his or her name.

    Michael Connely’s “Restore the Good Life” plan uses initiatives to give people back their VOICE in government. We have been robbed of that by politicians w...  more
  • Jennifer Hicks
    Pick up some food to share and drive out to candidate for governor Michael Connely's farm in Palmyra (15 minutes east of Lincoln) to learn more about how you can participate in the plan to "Restore the Good Life" to Nebraska.

    Michael will be attending the Freedom Rally at the state capitol in Lincoln prior to making his way back to Palmyra for a fun potluck dinner alongside fellow patriots. What a great way to end the day! Join us!
    • Jennifer Hicks
  • NeGrandma
    Meet and Greet for Michael Connely
  • Jennifer Hicks
    Updated to add Seward event!
  • Jennifer Hicks
    I have reported the issue, but if anyone is having a problem with text not being visible when you try to comment, I have found that the app version on my phone works when the desktop version doesn't.
  • Michelle Greenwood
    I want to talk a little about myself. No I am not running for office. Been asked prayed about it and realized it is not my role. Right now my spouse, Patrick Greenwood and I are working on building a non-profit with the mission of re-entry support. We have a three pronged plan but I don't want to talk about it now.. (NOT THE RIGHT PLACE)
    We both support the campaign to Restore the Good Life.and plan on becoming more involved as volunteers. I love the political rumble page that was create...  more