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  • Allie French
    🚨🚨 CALL TO ACTION 🚨🚨

    The time has come. The great awakening is here!
    UNMC has recently imposed a vaccine mandate to end in termination if not fully injected by Oct 8.
    Today we UNITE with doctors and nurses across the state and over the river to stand in OPPOSITION to the policies being implemented.

    We call on Governor Ricketts to stand with us and call on the Med Centers,  UNMC and all institutions to honor our individual choice. To allow their much needed, smart, Healthcare workers to make ...  more
  • Allie French
    Come join us this Saturday as we put on the third World Wide Rally for Freedom!

    We will be off 168th and Dodge from 11am to 1pm with signs and American flags! Come join us as we Unite around the globe for Freedom!!!

    #WewillALLbeThere #NAGO #PreservingOurLiberty #RiseUp