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  • Allie French
    🚨🚨 CALL TO ACTION 🚨🚨

    The time has come. The great awakening is here!
    UNMC has recently imposed a vaccine mandate to end in termination if not fully injected by Oct 8.
    Today we UNITE with doctors and nurses across the state and over the river to stand in OPPOSITION to the policies being implemented.

    We call on Governor Ricketts to stand with us and call on the Med Centers,  UNMC and all institutions to honor our individual choice. To allow their much needed, smart, Healthcare workers to make ...  more
  • Allie French
    We're ready for a rally!!! Hope to see EVERYONE May 29th at 530pm!!! It's time we rise up and halt the mandate agenda! 🙌
    #MMAMV #beInformed #NAGO #RiseUp #PreservingOurLiberty #forTheKids
  • Allie French
    Every Tuesday we stand up to the unconstitutional mask mandate in Omaha NE. Fortunately, at this point in time it does not seem that the mandate is to be extended. Which means it will sunset May 25th 2021.
    Until that day we will continue to remind them, every Tuesday, that we will not comply. That we are watching and they will never again have the comfort of our silence. #noMandates #noMasks #beInformed #riseUP #NAGO #PreservingOurLiberty
  • Allie French
    Well Queen Jean has proven herself a liar yet again.

    Newsflash mrs wife of a surgeon: your husband wears a mask to prevent transmission of bacteria, not viruses.

    He also wears one in a sterile environment.
    He also is wearing an fda approved mask, not a homemade or China dust mask.
    (Check out the study in the images ?)

    You also claim Kahn isn't one of your experts at UNMC - that's ludicrous - he's an epidemiologist, he formerly worked for the CDC, he spoke before the City Council - of cour...  more
  • Allie French
    Omaha MMAMV/Freedom Rally was hosted by Nebraskans Against Government Overreach at Zorinsky Lake today! What a wonderful turnout and fantastic speakers. Dr Ben Tapper and Dr Lee Merritt gave amazing presentations - yet again! Scott Bush and his wonderful wife Angie presented a phenomenal and eye opening demonstration on various mask effectiveness. Joe Hiatt shared a powerful message that every Patriot can agree with! #noMandates #MMAMV #beInformed #nomasks #riseUP #UnitedWeStand

    Thank you to e...  more