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Posted by Allie French in Government on May 12 2021 at 03:47 PM  ·  Public
Thursday May 6th LR107 had a Public Hearing before the Executive Committee. This Resolution is a true non-partisan legislation. However, those who oppose LR107 continue to obsess over furthering the division. Senator Hunt and Senator Blood lead this attack with several absurd amendments to LR107 (AM1380 - 1385, Hunt & AM1276, Blood) meant to overwhelm the Committee and prevent the passage of LR107.

Now we further the attack on our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, that Senator Hunt refers to as being a democracy, with LR118. This is deep at the root of our problems - however Hunts obsessive focus is on the events of Jan 6th rather than upholding her responsibilities to our state.

LR118 focuses on the Lefts Narrative that an aggressive mob stormed and injured or murdered LEOs. It is dividing citizens based on political affiliation rather than unifying behind our common goal to ensure our State and US Constitution are not disregarded, abused or bastardized.
This is a common theme behind recent actions from our Democrat Senators and while they push convictions on others they don't even understand they accuse their self-created opposition of doing as they themselves do.

It also worth noting that while they condone deadly and harmful actions by left-wing mobs previously, they remained completely silent on the murder of Ashli Babbit on Jan 6th inside the Capitol Building - however, the murder of a vet never is mentioned, I implore you to figure out why that might be.

LR118 is a jab at LR107. It is the radical socialist viewpoint and should be opposed by EVERY American. #NAGO #PRESERVINGOURLIBERTY

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